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Transportation Management

Automated School Bus Routing System

ROH, Incorporated installs, and maintains automated transportation systems to assist in the routing and scheduling of city/county owned and operated school bus fleets. Our systems utilize Education Logistics (EDULOG) Automated Bus Routing and Scheduling software to provide an accurate, computerized pupil transportation system.

ROH has extensive automated Pupil Transportation System experience. We support and maintain automated Pupil Transportation Systems for the Virginia Beach Public School system (since 1996) and have provided assistance and training to the city of Danville, Virginia. With 75,000 students and approximately 600 buses, the City of Virginia Beach school administrators clearly required the automation assistance of ROH and EDULOG to help coordinate their transportation efforts. Our support has given the school administrators the capability to monitor bus ridership and optimize usage of the bus fleet by reducing mileage, travel time and fleet size, therefore reducing costs.

We offer a wide variety of transportation services including:

  • Transportation Consultation
  • Boundary consultation
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Full-service Support Department
  • Onsite hands-on training

Our transportation staff is continuing to expand our support to other school districts that have expressed interest in transportation services. For more information contact: Steve Simmonds,