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Time is money and when the network is down, every second counts. At ROH, we understand the importance of building and maintaining a reliable computer network. That is why we keep reliability in the forefront of our minds when designing networks for our clients. Our certified engineering specialists build reliable networks that meet the specific business needs of our clients. Our professionally designed network solutions perform better and faster, thus simplifying troubleshooting and modification creation.

Besides being reliable, networks must be secure. The number of people on the Internet grows every day. Cyber-terrorism is more prevalent than ever before and the number of attacks is increasing every day. Hackers, spam, viruses, worms, access by disgruntled employees, unprotected intelligence, and other threats can quickly compromise valuable information, communications, and commerce. We support all anti-virus software, including Firewalls, DMZs, and VPNs.

Your network should help to increase productivity and be available at a reasonable price. At ROH, we offer the full spectrum of information technology services including consulting, on-site engineering, systems engineering, management, integration, maintenance, training, and a host of support options for Novell and Microsoft networks. Our certified engineers will gladly supply you with the tools necessary to complete the tasks at hand.