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Department of Navy

ROH's primary client within the Navy Department is the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). NAVSEA is the Navy's central activity for designing, engineering, integrating, building, and procuring U.S. Naval ships and shipboard weapons and combat systems.

ROH has been providing program, engineering, technical, logistic, administrative, financial, and computer support to NAVSEA since the late 1970s. We have provided the full range of ship acquisition, life cycle, and disposal support for surface ships. This is called cradle to grave Naval support and ROH has been doing it extremely well for a long time.

We have supported the new construction efforts for the FFG 7, MCM 1, MHC 51, CVN 68, AOE 6, T-AKE 1, and T-AGOS 19 & 23. ROH supported the life cycle maintenance and modernization efforts for the DD 963, FFG 7, DDG 51, CG 47, LHA 1, LHD 1, LPD 4, LSD 41, ARS 50, Command Ships and USS Constitution. ROH supports the inactivation, donation or scrapping of ships that have been decommissioned. We have been supporting this end of ship's life effort since the late 1990s. ROH has also supported the ship's design managers and Military Sealift Command under related contracts.