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VA Beach Public Schools

ROH Incorporated has supported the Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) Transportation Department Pupil Transportation System (PTS) since it's inception in 1996. During the past six years, ROH has provided continuous onsite support for the EDULOG PTS. ROH developed and maintains the comprehensive demographic street map containing school, student, and bus route information. The map is used for bus routing, stop locations, bus route development and assignment of students to their respective bus stops.

The EDULOG student data information is synchronized with the VBCPS SASI system by ROH. The information contains student address, grade, program, emergency contact and a host of other information required for transporting the students. ROH supports the Special Needs transportation program as well. This program requires that specific equipment and personnel be available and onsite.

By optimizing the bus runs and routes, ROH has helped the VBCPS Transportation Department recognize a significant reduction in the number of buses required and the amount of time a student must spend riding the bus.