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Professional Services

Although ROH's beginnings were primarily an IT organization, we have expanded our capabilities as a service company to include the disciplines of engineering, logistics, financial and program management, graphics and publication production, transportation consulting, and overall technical management support.

For many years, ROH provided these professional services to various Department of Defense (DoD) clients only. Our outstanding reputation for integrity and reliability, along with the top-notch services our employees provide, are the reasons many of our DoD clients choose to retain us year after year. This record of excellence enabled us to transition easily to providing the same comprehensive services to other government agencies, and to diverse commercial clients.

Because of ROH's special supportive environment for our employees, we have a technically superior and dependable staff that is second to none. Other companies may provide similar services and rates as ROH, but our employees stand head and shoulders above the others. In the final analysis, that's what professional services are all about-the people providing the support.