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Web Development

The ROH web team is dedicated to staying in step with the latest Internet technologies. We aspire to continue as innovators of website design and development, using appropriate technology along with our exciting graphic designs.

The team has a commitment to develop unique and customized web-based solutions for your business process needs. Just as our website design balances form and function, our web applications simplify remote data collection and information dissemination.

AWS Government Cloud Environment -ROH is providing information systems and technology support to SEA00C in the form of website management. A major task is the transitioning of the SUPSALV’s PKI enabled website from contractor maintained hardware operating in a commercial domain to the Navy-managed AWS GovCloud. ROH effort has included:

  • Serving as project manager, ROH conducted information assurance measures and configured software in AWS Government Cloud environment for sustained operations.
  • Coordinating with SPAWAR, NAVSEA IA team, and third party RMF resources to register SUPSALV Web in eMASS, DADMS, and other IT management systems and completed extensive requirements necessary to obtain Authority to Operate (ATO).
  • Successfully obtained Authority to Operate (ATO) from the Navy Authorizing Official (NAO) under the arduous Risk Management Framework (RMF).
  • Building out and successfully testing our site on our assigned GovCloud server environment.

Distance Learning - The U.S. Navy divers who clean Navy ships and submarine propellers must meet established qualification requirements including hands-on and academic training. ROH developed an on-line, interactive courseware (ICW) training system for the Navy incorporating these requirements.

The 5-module ICW includes an introduction, explanation of the ship systems involved, inspection and reporting requirements, and equipment and cleaning process. Each student's progress through the modules is tracked by assigning a password. At the end of each module is a quiz that the student must pass. If the quiz needs to be retaken, a random generator selects different quiz questions from a pool to prevent seeing the same quiz question over again. Graphical teaching enhancements, such as photographs, sketches, and videos, make the software both informative and entertaining. The course may be stopped and started as necessary thus allowing students to work at their own pace. Additional features include a glossary, references, and resource pages to benefit the student in the learning process.

Conference Support - To ease the administrative burden associated with hosting major conferences, ROH developed a comprehensive, web-based solution to support planning and information flow in conference preparation. We support posting the conference agenda and logistic details, attendee registration, issue papers collection, and individual workshop registration. For after-conference record keeping, we developed web-based action item tracking databases that allow group leaders to update the status and resolution of their action items. We have also included electronic copies of presentations and issue papers on the conference web pages and provided a web application for maintenance of the attendees contact list.

ROH provides web development support before and after the Working Divers Conference, an annual meeting attended by approximately 200 Navy diving supervisors. For the meeting, we have provided the following support:

  • Create web applications to submit and track new and existing issues.
  • Meeting attendance.
  • Minutes and post conference documentation.
  • Full coordination and planning support including conference announcement.
  • Agenda and briefings preparation.
  • Hotel negotiations and coordination.

ROH is proud to have supported the Working Divers Conference for more than 12 years.

Failure Analysis Reporting - U.S. Navy divers are asked to report equipment casualties to headquarters (HQ) in Washington, D.C. After researching and working with the Navy to identify their needs, ROH designed, developed, tested, and implemented the Failure Analysis Report (FAR), a web form which allows the divers to capture the necessary data to report equipment casualties. After the data is captured, each FAR is electronically sent to the HQ equipment specialist who is responsible for type of equipment and problem resolution tracking. The status updates are available online to the reporting activity ensuring they are kept in the loop.