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Electronic Publishing & Media

ROH's organization of graphic artists and desktop publisher specialists develop, produce, and deliver professional, high-quality electronic documentation and traditional publishing services. Our staff can handle any technical drawing, graphic rendering, or photo enhancement requirement needed to support your publications. Our strengths include newsletters, reports, and technical manuals production. We can provide the publication as camera-ready or in an interactive electronic format designed for the web or distribution by CD.

Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation. - ROH can transform your information from paper or electronic media to an up-to-date electronic, interactive format that is on-demand and cost effective. Searching hundreds of megabytes of data for key information, via hypertext linking, technical manuals, specifications, user guides, and reference materials can be accessed in seconds and displayed in the desired format from a stand-alone or networked computer. Whether it's a text chapter, section, paragraph, or a figure, you can locate the information using interactive search methods specifically designed for fast access to voluminous and integrated information. Applications can be stored on any type of magnetic or optical media including CD-ROM and the web.

Graphics Support. -Our skilled graphics support staff is fully equipped with the latest hardware and software to create a full range of professionally stylized briefings, illustrations, renderings, and other graphic presentations. We use current multimedia features including video, animation, and sound. Product output and format consists of line art, halftones, color laser prints, viewgraphs, 35mm slides, digitized (raster format) photos, computer-based slide shows, multimedia presentations, and videos.

Our media support includes:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Drafting Support
  • Customized Graphics and Video Support
  • Desktop Publishing - Magazines, Newsletters, Books and Technical Manuals
  • Document and Drawing Imaging
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation
  • Multimedia Presentations and Briefings
  • Multimedia Training Programs