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Federal Student Aid Intranet (FSAnet)

The challenge: The Department of Education, Federal Student Aid (FSAnet) wanted to redesign their existing Intranet to make it an on-line tool that would allow employees to do their work more efficiently.

The result: ROH redesigned the entire site architecture, organizing information around business processes, rather than departments, channels, or offices. We incorporated a fresh new look and feel with clear navigation into the site making it quicker and easier for employees to find the information they needed. The site was created from Dreamweaver templates making use of dhtml and javascript to create a dynamic website. A Web Style Guide was created to assist the staff in developing and posting content.

The following applications were included in the redesign:

  • Staff Directory - Employees are able to input their own information, including name, phone, email, and skill set. Having the skill set posted enables employees to locate someone that has experience in a specific field of expertise.
  • Message Board - The Message Board tends to be used for business of a more personal nature. Employees can locate someone with similar hobbies or find a carpool.
  • Rumor Mill - Employees can anonymously question a rumor that is circulating throughout the department. Only a selected few within Internal Communications answer the posts providing the most accurate and up to date information.
  • E-mail Notification - Content managers are notified of outdated files/information. This notification is sent on a 30, 60, and 90-day cycle.
  • For more than two years, ROH has been responsible for the daily content maintenance of this site.

    Federal Student Aid FSA Coach Online Training

    The challenge: The Department of Education, Federal Student Aid wanted to clean up and revise an existing Online Training Tool used by school administrators. The task involved revising more than 4,000 web pages.

    The result: After a thorough, in-depth analysis of the existing tool, ROH found problems with the underlying code for the site. Our team revamped the html and javascript code to make the site function properly. Because web accessibility issues were also a problem, it was necessary for ROH to update the Tool to make it compliant with Section 508 standards. At the client's request, ROH maintained the graphical look and feel of the site by updating the images to reflect the current year and giving the site a fresh new look.