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Program Management

ROH offers many services critical to successful planning and implementation of complex programs. Our Program Analysts, Logistics Analysts, Engineers, Data Specialists, Training Facilitators, Conference Planners, and other professionals coordinate, plan, research, and perform related functions necessary to enhance your corporate operations. We want to tailor your business processes with the optimum business integration solution available and our IT savvy professionals are ideally suited to do just that.

Our Program Management services encompass the following three areas:

Engineering and Technical Support

  • Drawing and Design Reviews
  • Equipment Design Studies
  • Maintenance Planning and Work Package Development
  • Specification Development and Review
  • Technical Manual Development and Review
  • Technical Reviews and Analyses

Integrated Logistics Support

  • Configuration Control and Status Accounting
  • Data Requirements and Management
  • Fitting Out and Supply Support
  • ILS Assessment and Certification Support
  • ILS Plans and Milestones
  • Provisioning and Technical Data

Integrated Business Solutions

  • Action Item Assignment and Tracking
  • Briefings, Presentations, and Issue Papers Generation
  • Business Integration Solutions
  • Comprehensive Reports Development
  • Contract and Account Reconciliation
  • Document Generation, Monitoring and Tracking
  • Program Milestone Planning, Scheduling, and Monitoring
  • Scheduling and Critical Path Monitoring