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Conference Support

ROH has finely tuned the process of providing meeting and conference support. Our contract requirements often include pre-meeting tasks. We draft briefing materials; update documentation from previous sessions; track status of outstanding action items; and organize the meeting space for the attendees. During the meetings, we often are tasked to handle all administrative matters; liaison with the space managers (often hotel staff); take minutes and track resolution of action items; retain briefs given at the meetings; collect electronic documentation; and even run the projectors. This administrative support, when added to our web development services, makes us uniquely qualified to provide cradle to grave conference support to any organization.

The Salvage Executive Steering Committee is a semi-annual meeting that is attended by approximately 25 maritime salvage executives. For more than 12 years ROH has been providing support to this high visibility meeting. ROH staff provides issue tracking and resolution assistance as well as full meeting minutes and briefing development support. The final briefing is always given to the Flag-ranked senior Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) sponsor on the final day of the conference. Preparing the summary briefing the evening before has been our biggest challenge. Our task is to incorporate substantial amounts of new material into the briefing and, through the presentation, "sell" the committee's decisions to the Flag officer. Our success is measured by the level of trust our Salvage and Diving clients have shown in allowing ROH to play this vital role during these crucial hours.