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One of our U.S. Navy clients is the Supervisor of Salvage and Diving, Director of Ocean Engineering, part of the Naval Sea Systems Command and known throughout the operating forces as NAVSEA 00C or SUPSALV. SUPSALV is the Navy's Technical Authority for all matters pertaining to Salvage and Diving, Diving Equipment Certification, Underwater Ship Husbandry support services, and coordination of all Navy and Marine Corps diving operations. Members of the NAVSEA 00C staff are responsible for certifying the operation safety of all Navy diving systems and hyperbaric chambers. The Navy also contracts with commercial vendors for additional support in their worldwide salvage, recovery, towing, and diving operations.

To enable NAVSEA 00C to fulfill its many assigned functions, ROH provides administrative and technical support in the following areas:

  • Administrative Support and Secretarial Services
  • Engineering Services and Analysis
  • General Office Support
  • Information Technology Services
  • Internet and Traditional Publishing
  • IT Integration and Management
  • Meeting Support
  • Newsletters such as Faceplate Magazine
  • Technical Manual and Documentation Development
  • Technical Report Development
  • UWSH Drawing Library
  • Web-Application Development
  • Website Management (