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Throughout ROH's corporate history, we have had successful partnering relationships with large, small, and disadvantaged businesses. We understand the value of equitable partnering that leads to "win win" contracts. Clients receive best-of-thought solutions united with best-of-breed technologies from compatible providers.

On several of our large Navy ship acquisition contracts, we have served as prime contractor for small business set-asides. We have had as many as six subcontractors that were bid and subsequently performed throughout the contract. The ROH contract management team is set up to administer subcontracts and our program managers are proficient at assigning, managing, and applying quality control procedures for those contract tasks that are performed by subcontractors. Most importantly, we are attuned to assuring continuing quality communications with all of our subcontractors.

Conversely, ROH has performed the role of subcontractor on many contracts. On several occasions, our unique technical capabilities have augmented prime contractor teams while permitting the prime to claim small business credits.

ROH welcomes opportunities to work with current and new business partners. Partners have always found ROH to be professional, responsive, and ready to move quickly to meet challenges.