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DMS Solutions

Have a document storage problem? Under orders to go paperless? Want to distribute information via the intranet or Internet? Or have an older imaging system that needs to be updated?

ROH has the solution to these problems - OCULUS !!

OCULUS is revolutionary software that combines the power of the Internet with the proven benefits of document imaging and document management. Using OCULUS, organizations of any size can capture, manage, and share large volumes of documents with an unlimited number of users via the most common interface available - a simple web browser.

OCULUS allows you to scan or upload electronic documents directly to your own secure web site from anywhere in the world. Documents are instantly available via a customizable HTML interface that provides advanced searching, editing, and document lifecycle operations. OCULUS can be deployed at any organizational level - for departmental, enterprise, or general public access.

Most importantly, OCULUS has a highly scalable and open architecture that grows with the needs of your organization. A single OCULUS system can support multiple applications without requiring additional investment. This lets you get your document projects implemented and running in record time. As a true web server application, OCULUS can also be easily integrated with your existing web sites, applications, or portals.

Click here to learn more about OCULUS or to demo the software.