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Employee Benefits

Paid Leave - Accrued leave can be used for vacation, illnesses, and for personal business.

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance - We offer a variety of coverage options.

Flexible Benefit Plan - This plan allows employees to pay for certain expenses with pre-tax dollars. Employees can redirect a portion of their salary to cover dependent care and/or health care costs not covered by insurance.

Group Life Insurance - 150% of annual salary paid to beneficiary of death is due to natural causes.

Long Term Disability - This benefit will pay up to 60% of the basic monthly earnings not to exceed $5,000 per month, commencing 90 days after the onset of the disability.

Incentive Compensation - Rewards personnel at all levels for meeting specific performance objectives.

401(k) Retirement Plan - Permits our employees to contribute a portion of their annual pre-tax income to a retirement plan through payroll deductions.

Tuition Assistance - We offer our employees several options to assist with continuing education in their chosen field.

Professional Society Membership - Active participation in professional societies is encouraged. Annual dues and monthly meeting expenses will be reimbursed by ROH.

SmartBenefits - This transit commuter benefit can be used to cover the cost of commuting to work by train, bus and vanpool commuter services.

Social Security, Workers Compensation, Et Al. - ROH pays to fund employee participation in all Federal and State mandated payroll related programs.

Tax advantages, too!
Several ROH benefits offer you tax saving advantages. For example, you pay for health benefits on a before-tax basis - before federal, Social Security, and (in most locations) state and local taxes are withheld. By lowering your taxable income, these benefits may lower your tax liability and increase your take-home pay.

The above provides a partial description of ROH Incorporated employee benefits. It does not replace or override the various plan documents, which are the final authority regarding the benefits provided under the plans. Nothing on this page constitutes an implied or expressed contract of employment, and ROH may amend or terminate the information at any time.